K-12 Education

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Maps teach many lessons

At the Leventhal Map & Education Center, we believe that maps are powerful tools for students to consider their place in their community and the larger world. By looking closely at maps from the past, present and even possible futures, students can connect themselves to larger systems that affect them and propose ideas for change. Giving students the tools to read and understand maps and the time to look closely and deeply at them can expand not only their geographic awareness but also help them to look critically at other sources of information they encounter.

Bringing your class to the Map Center, or the Map Center to your class

See our School Visits page for more information on how to bring your class to the Map Center.

Resources for teachers

See our Teach It Yourself section for a wealth of resources on teaching maps, geography, and history, on topics ranging from the American Revolution to urban segregation.

Our Professional Development page offers opportunities for teachers to develop their skills on maps and geography teaching.

Vernacular map

This hand drawn map of the world was created by the schoolchild Lucretia Buell in 1814, probably as part of a geography class lesson

Looking for more?

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Map of the world with south on top

An map of the world with south at the top encourages students to think about what perspectives we are used to seeing in our views of the world