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Explore education activities related to Bending Lines: Maps and Data from Distortion to Deception

Teaching and Learning Resources

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What Is A Map?

What Is A Map?

Grades 1–3
Students practice how to interpret maps by reading the stories being told by mapmakers. Students create a map of their own, receive a short interactive lesson about maps and mapping, and work in small groups to answer questions about some of the maps in our collection.
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World Maps Over Time

World Maps Over Time

Grades 6-8
Students practice being critical map readers using a range of world maps, from the oldest in our collection to the present. After an interactive lesson on map projections, students work in small groups to analyze what mapmakers include on their maps and why.
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Tools for Teachers

Directly access map sets and lesson plans using our digital collections, or search the database below for map sets, lesson plans and other teaching resources on everything from teaching the American Revolution to redlining and housing discrimination.

Teaching Resources - Comprehensive List

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