Staff & Boards

The people who keep the Map Center running


Headshot of Abena Osei Duker
Abena Osei Duker

Gallery Attendant and Exhibition Research Assistant

Headshot of Emily Bowe
Emily Bowe

Assistant Director

Headshot of Garrett Dash Nelson
Garrett Dash Nelson

President & Head Curator

Headshot of Ian Spangler
Ian Spangler

Assistant Curator of Digital & Participatory Geography

Headshot of Joelle Riffle
Joelle Riffle

Exhibition Designer

Headshot of Lauren Chen
Lauren Chen

Reference & Cataloging Librarian

Headshot of Lynn Brown
Lynn Brown

K-12 Education Manager

Headshot of Megan Nally
Megan Nally

Public Engagement Coordinator

Headshot of Michelle LeBlanc
Michelle LeBlanc

Director of Education

Headshot of Rachel Sharer
Rachel Sharer

Development Coordinator


Headshot of Alexandra Montgomery
Alexandra Montgomery

Postdoctoral Fellow in the Digital History and Cartography of the American Revolutionary War Era

Headshot of Deland Chan
Deland Chan

Public Research Fellow 2021–2022

Headshot of Madeline Webster
Madeline Webster

Public Research Fellow 2021–2022


Headshot of Kyler Hoogendoorn-Ecker
Kyler Hoogendoorn-Ecker

Summer 2022 Seevak Fellow


Board of Directors

Janet P. Atkins
Michael G. Contompasis
Charles Cooney, PhD, Chair
Michelle Knight, Treasurer
Alex Krieger
Khurram Jamil
Theodore Landsmark
Alexander Leventhal
Ronald P. O’Hanley
Richard Pegg
Barry L. Ruderman
Oscar Santos
William J. Schnoor, Esq.
Natacha Scott
Christian J. Westra, Esq.

Ex Officio

Erin Claywell, Clerk
Priscilla Douglas, ex officio
David Leonard, ex officio

Legal Counsel

Achal Oza

Lifetime Directors

Richard H. Brown
Lawrence Caldwell
Robert M. Melzer

Board of Review

Alex Krieger
Sierra Laddusaw
Charles Cooney, ex officio
Margaret Pearce
Richard Pegg, Chair
Tim Wallace