Transform images of historic maps into layers that match onto modern web maps

Retirement of Map Warper
As of August 2021, our crowdsourced georeferencing interface, Map Warper, is being phased out. Since then, the Map Center team has been supporting Bert Spaan’s work on a next generation web georeferencing interface called Allmaps, which will be ready for public use in fall 2022. You can still browse maps that have been georeferenced or explore the fully-geotransformed Atlascope collection.

What is georeferencing?

Georeferencing is the process of attaching coordinate data (latitude and longitude) to scanned images of maps. This allows anyone to easily compare scanned maps with modern geographies. Check out the Map Center’s Atlascope tool for an example of georeferencing in action.

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How can I get started georeferencing?

It’s easy! Here at the Map Center, we have a portal for guides and documentation called Cartinal. We’ve prepared a handy guide with instructions and resources for getting started with georeferencing.

In October 2021, we partnered with Bert Spaan to support his development of Allmaps, a next-generation web georeferencing platform. By fall 2022, a custom implementation of Allmaps will be available for georeferencing LMEC materials. Stay tuned for updates!

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Where can I browse georeferenced LMEC maps?

That’s easy too! At Cartinal, we also have a guide for accessing, browsing, and using georeferenced maps.

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