Map Show and Tell with the BRA Collection


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    Mar 10, 2021

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    7:00 EST

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Past event
This event has already taken place.

Co-sponsored by the Boston Map Society and Maptime Boston!

With nearly 200 newly-digitized items documenting urban transformation in 20th century, the Boston Redevelopment Authority Collection opens up a new window into urban change in Boston. Join us for an informal Show-and-Tell session, where we’ll look at some of the maps in the collection that our staff members—and you!—find most interesting. If you want, come ready to share a map from the collection that strikes your interest. It could be a map where you know a hidden story about its context, a map that you have questions about or strikes your curiosity, or it could be an example of how to use these BRA maps in a project. This will be an informal participatory session, and we welcome visitors with no prior experience in Boston historical research or digital map collections.

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