Reporting on Redlining: Get to Know Your Data with Scott Markley





Mar 29, 2022


3:30 EDT



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This event has already taken place.

About this event

Join Scott Markley, a PhD Candidate in the Department of Geography at the University of Georgia, and LMEC Assistant Curator Ian Spangler for a workshop exploring the spatial histories of redlining.

This workshop is a part of the Get to Know Your Data series, where we talk with and learn from the people and institutions that create, store, and share geospatial data. Participants will come away from the workshop with 1) a richer knowledge of the politics of data creation surrounding redlining maps, and 2) a basic understanding of how to explore and compare data in a geographic information system (GIS).

We will begin with a discussion of redlining and the Homeowner’s Loan Corporation (HOLC). Then, Scott will provide a demo of a spatial dataset about redlining that he created. Participants are invited, though not required, to follow along with his demo on their own computers. In the spirit of the LMEC’s upcoming exhibition, More or Less in Common, the workshop concludes with an activity that evaluates historically redlined areas in the context of environmental justice.

This workshop assumes a basic knowledge of QGIS. To participate in this free and open workshop, we ask that you have either 1) taken a GIS course through the LMEC previously or 2) are otherwise familiar with GIS. It is capped at 30 registrants, and participants should download QGIS before the workshop.

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