Dr. Meghan Cope on Geographies of Childhood





Jul 25, 2023


12:00 EDT



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What insights can be gained about the historical geographies of childhood from primary source material? What do maps—designed for or by children—reveal about the conditions, spaces, and places of childhood?

Join us on Tuesday, July 25 at 12:00M EDT with Dr. Meghan Cope for a virtual talk on the conditions and experiences of childhood in early 20th century New England.

This talk is presented in conjunction with our ongoing exhibition, Building Blocks: Boston Stories from Urban Atlases. It will broadcast live to our Facebook page and YouTube channel.

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About the speaker

Meghan Cope is a professor of Geography at the University of Vermont. Her specialty area is critical historical geographies of early 20th c. American childhood. Meghan’s work examines the role of space and place in producing and maintaining social inequities, as well as the ways marginalized groups – such as children – are agents in creating their own spaces. Her work and teaching take the production of childhood as a fundamentally geographic endeavor and, in turn, she and her student use maps, photos, and other archival representations of spatial relations to better understand past childhoods, examples of which can be seen on her website, “Mapping American Childhoods”.

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