Angles on Bending Lines: Matt Bui on how communities use—and refuse—data about themselves


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    May 12, 2021

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    12:00 EDT

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Part of the How Data Can Warp Our World series of conversations

Our exhibition Bending Lines: Maps and Data from Distortion to Deception examines how visual representations of the world can shape what people believe. But sometimes biases and distortions are built into the data that is used to produce a map. Far from offering a perfectly objective, all-encompassing view of the world, data sets of all kinds are deeply shaped by human choices.

In this conversation series, we talk with experts about why we should be careful about geographic information in modern data. How is data collected, and how does it get fixed into categories and numbers? Who gets to own data sets, and who gets to make decisions using them? What sorts of public responsibilities should shape the social lives of data?

These talks are free, designed for general public audiences with time for questions. Talks will be broadcast over the LMEC’s YouTube Live and Facebook Live channels.

Matt Bui is an assistant professor and faculty fellow at the NYU Alliance for Public Interest Technology who examines the intersections of digital, data, and racial justice in everyday life.

Photo of Matt Bui

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