Brown Bag Lunch: The Hutchins Map of 1778





May 10, 2024


12:00 EDT


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This program is organized in partnership with the Washington Library at Mount Vernon as part of the American Revolutionary Geography Online (ARGO) grant.

Washington and the West: The Hutchins Map of 1778

Join Dr. Alexandra Montgomery, manager of the Library’s Center for Digital History and one of the ARGO project leads, to learn more about George Washington’s relationship to the American west and one of the maps he used most frequently during the American Revolution: Thomas Hutchin’s 1778 A New Map of the Western Parts of Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and North Carolina. Washington used this map both during the war and after, when it informed his speculation in western lands and helped define how he understood the new nation he had helped create.

Alexandra L. Montgomery

Dr. Alexandra L. Montgomery is Manager of the Center for Digital History at the Washington Presidential Library at George Washington’s Mount Vernon and one of the leads for the ARGO project. She holds a PhD in early American history from the University of Pennsylvania. When she is not wrangling digital projects about George Washington, her work focuses on land speculation, settler expansion, and mapping in eighteenth century North America.

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