2022 Boston Groundwater Trust Forum: How Climate Change May Threaten the Foundations of Boston





Sep 20, 2022


5:30 EDT



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About this event

The Boston Groundwater Trust, established by the Boston City Council to monitor and protect the integrity of building foundations in Boston that are threatened by low groundwater levels, will be hosting a City-wide Forum examining how climate change over the coming years may threaten the very foundations upon which Downtown Boston has been built.

The Honorable Mayor of Boston Michelle Wu will be giving the opening remarks at the Forum, and we will also hear from local City & State officials as well as two panels of experts on the state of groundwater levels under our City streets, and a how a changing climate may drastically alter the Boston we all now know.

“I am excited to have this forum and update the public on all that the Trust has accomplished over the past several years,” said the Boston Groundwater Trust’s Executive Director Christian Simonelli. “I look forward to working with City & State officials on the important next steps in mitigating the impact of climate change to our historic buildings.”

According to Rob Whitney, Co-Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Boston Groundwater Trust: “The potential impact of climate change on ground water levels is just now being discussed. This forum will explore how climate change and rising temperatures in the future may limit the amount of water to replenish groundwater, and the adverse effect that could have on the wooden pilings that support many of our Boston buildings and homes.”

This program will be offered in-person in Rabb Hall (Central Library) and remote on Zoom.

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