Maps and geography are some of the most useful documents that we have for understanding the spaces and places of the past, present, and future. However, looking at a place from the distant perspective of a map can sometimes lead you into forgetting about the individual people that live there. In More or Less in Common, we want you to see the world from many perspectives, taking into account both the patterns that emerge when looking at the zoomed-out view of a map, as well as the individual faces that make up the historic and present-day struggles against environmental inequities.

Environmental justice is about people. Maps alone can’t capture the many people advocating for their communities right here in Boston and across the world. As you walk through the gallery and read about the maps and the stories they tell, make sure to also look for the faces along the way. You will read the words of a journalist, artist, activists and community organizers who will highlight specific stories from the landscapes and people they are fighting for. As you learn more about how these people work for environmental justice, we hope they will inspire you to learn more about how to take action where you live.