Is the environment something we all have in common?

What kinds of images come to mind when you think about the environment? Trees, water, green landscapes, and scenic vistas? But what about people—communities, housing, roads, neighborhoods, cities, schools, and factories? These are all a part of the environment too. And environmental issues can’t be set apart in a distinct category from social questions. Humans and the natural world are deeply connected, through the past, present, and future.

In More or Less in Common, we take a look at how questions of social justice and injustice are essential topics to confront when trying to understand the human landscape that we live in. And these questions must also be at the center of our attention as we might challenge ourselves to build better, healthier environments in the future. Through maps as well as photographs, images, and data visualizations, this exhibition encourages you to confront stories about how environmental conditions have sometimes served to worsen inequalities along lines of social division. At the same time, our shared environment offers the possibility to bring people together across differences and the inspiration to forge new kinds of common action.

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More or Less in Common has been designed as a paired physical and digital gallery exhibition. You can start at beginning, as if you were walking through our gallery, or browse all the topics. You can also see every object on display.

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