Boston Harbor, from the Atlantic Neptune

StoreOne of the most stunning 18th-century maps of Boston, reprinted in full color on heavyweight matte paper


$65 small, $83 large

This survey of Boston Harbor, first published in 1775 in Des Barres’s Atlantic Neptune, was the pre-eminent chart of the harbor produced in the 18th century. It was used by the Royal Navy during the American Revolution, and long after that conflict by American and English merchants. The chart was based on surveys by George Callendar, master of His Majesty’s Ship Romney, stationed in Boston Harbor in 1769. Displayed here is the fourth state of the chart which depicts the inland topography in great detail. Roads, taverns, streams and farmhouses are shown throughout the countryside.

This high-quality reproduction is printed on heavyweight matte paper, and is available in two sizes:

  • Small: 21.4 in × 15.0 in (cut size), 21.2 in × 14.8 in (image size)
  • Large: 32.0 in × 22.4 in (cut size), 31.8 × 22.2 (image size)