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Live Talk: Persuasive Cartography
May 14

Live Talk: Persuasive Cartography

Curator Garrett Dash Nelson welcomes guest Judith Tyner, Professor Emerita of Geography at California State University, Long Beach. Tyner coined the term that gives this segment its title; she will discuss how maps are used to influence opinions and beliefs.

Judith Tyner is Professor Emerita at California State University Long Beach.   She taught in the Geography Department over 35 years, where she served as Department Chair for six years and was Director Of the Cartography/GIS Certificate Program from its inception until her retirement.  While at CSULB, Dr Tyner taught beginning and advanced cartography, map reading and interpretation, remote sensing, and history of cartography.  She is a member of the Association of American Geographers, the North American Cartographic Information Society, the California Map Society, and the Society of Woman Geographers.  She is the author of four textbooks on map design and map reading, including Principles of Map Design and The World of Maps:  Map Reading and Interpretation for the 21st century.  She is also the author of two scholarly books, Stitching the World and Women in American Cartography and over 40 scholarly articles.

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