Carta geografica e postale dell' Italia ridotta dalle migliori carte fin' ora esistenti coll' indicazione di tutte le strade ferrale ed il corso dei battelli a vapore

Author: Geneviesi, Tomaso
Date: 1866
Location: Italy

Dimensions: 67.0 x 61.0 cm.
Scale: Scale not given


The geography of Italy during the middle of the 19th century is depicted on this detailed postal map. It not only portrays Italy's mountainous topography by shaded relief, it also shows the location of post offices, postal routes, and railroads.

The table in the lower left corner of this map lists the population and area of various regions within Italy, including the tiny Republic of San Marino, seen as a small red circle in the north-central portion of the map. This region remains an autonomous republic today. The area of each region is given in square kilometers; by 1866, the metric system had been in use in Italy for nearly 20 years.

Also noted on this map are ferry routes between various cities in Italy, with distances and times of passage. A boat trip from Palermo to Naples would have taken 20 hours in 1866, while the same journey today takes nearly half the time

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