A new mapp of New England and Annapolis and the countrys adjacent

Author: Browne, Christopher
Date: 1690
Location: Annapolis (Md.), Middle Atlantic States, New England

Dimensions: 50.0 x 60.0 cm.
Scale: Scale not given


As an example of early English mapping of the British Colonies in North America, Browne's map shows the northeastern part of the continent from the St. Lawrence River to the Chesapeake Bay. Interestingly, the most carefully drawn region is New England, with roads delineated from Boston to Springfield, Hartford, and New London. Browne, a London map seller, reissued this third and final edition of the map with a new title and an inset of Boston Harbor, the earliest known detailed chart of the area. Two previous editions of this map published by Richard Daniel displayed a Carolina coast inset instead of Boston Harbor. Browne was known to have bought plates from other map dealers and then alter them. His name and workplace appear on this plate in place of the original map dealer. Circa 1690.

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