The Cape Verd Islands

Author: Après de Mannevillette, Jean-Baptiste-Nicolas-Denis d'
Publisher: Laurie & Whittle
Date: 1794
Location: Cape Verde

Dimensions: 53.0 x 29.0 cm.
Scale: Scale not given
Call Number: G9160 1794 .A6


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Published by Robert Laurie and James Whittle, London mapmakers and engravers who were active in the early 1800s, this navigational chart used rhumb or directional lines to assist navigators in plotting their course to and from the Cape Verde Islands. The chart is based on observations recorded by the prolific French mapmaker Jean Baptiste d'Apres de Mannevillette.

The headland views or coastal silhouettes in the upper right and the lower insets of the map assisted sailors in identifying the various islands as they approached from the sea. The sidebar on the left even included tips for sailors, for example, "as you head into the Bay it is necessary to have the top gallant sails furled..." Upon entering Praya Bay on the island of St. Iago, the navigator could refer to the depth chart in the upper left corner to make a safe passage.

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