The able doctor; or America swallowing the bitter draught

Date: 1774
Location: Great Britain, United States

Dimensions: 13.0 x 18.0 cm.


This original London cartoon of the Boston Tea Party was made famous when Paul Revere copied it for his American version. It shows a helpless female being given the tea treatment by authoritative males.

The cartoon represents the Prime Minister, Lord North, pouring tea down the throat of America, a Native American whose legs are held down by the notorious Lord Sandwich while he looks up her skirt. Meanwhile, America's arms are being held down by Chief Justice Mansfield. The Boston Port Bill, a measure to close Boston Harbor after the Boston Tea Party, sits tenuously in Lord North's pocket.

The other characters represent Britain's rivals, Spain and France, while proud Britannia, bearing her shield, covers her eyes in humiliation.

Another copy in: ''The Royal American magazine, ...'' Boston : Printed by and for I. Thomas, Vol. I, No. X, (1774 June)

Illus. from: ''London magazine'', v. 43 (1774 May), p. 184

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