Nova tabula geographica complectens Borealiorem Americæ partem in qua exacte delineatæ sunt Canada sive Nova Francia, Nova Scotia, Nova Anglia, Novum Belgium, Pensylvania, Virginia, Carolina, et Terra Nova, cum omnibus littorum, pulvinorumque profunditatibus = Carte nouvelle contenant la partie d 'Amerique la plus septentrionale, ou sont exactement dêcrites les provinces suivantes comme le Canada ou Nouvelle France, la Nouvelle Ecosse, la Nouvelle Angleterre, les Nouveaux Païs Bas, la Pensylvanie, la Virginie, la Caroline, et l'Ile de Terre Neuve, avec les profondeuis de long des côtes et sur les bancs

Author: Visscher, Nicolaes
Date: 1720
Location: Canada, New England, New York (State), North America, North Carolina, Nova Scotia, Pennsylvania, Virginia

Dimensions: 45.0 x 55.0 cm.
Scale: ca. 1:4,500,000


This pair of late-17th-century Dutch maps depicts the French and British colonies in northeastern North America extending from the Carolinas to Newfoundland. The maps' central focus includes New England along with the former Dutch colony of New Netherlands and the French settlements along the St. Lawrence River, labeled as New France or Canada. Names of indigenous tribes occupy the unknown interior, while the settled coast has European place names. First published about 1689, this is the last state of the map (published about 1720), which is identified by an inset showing the French fortress of Louisburg on Cape Breton Island.

Left sheet: G3300 1720 .V5; Right sheet: G3410 1720 .V5

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