A new and accurat map of the world, drawne according to ye truest descriptions latest discoveries & best observations yt have beene made by English or strangers, 1626.

Author: Speed, John
Publisher: Humble, George
Date: 1627
Location: Eastern Hemisphere, Western Hemisphere

Dimensions: 40.0 x 52.0 cm.
Scale: ca. 1:50,000,000


Reflecting the artistic style of his Dutch colleagues, English historian and mapmaker, John Speed, published this beautiful double hemisphere world map for inclusion in his world atlas. It was one of the earliest maps to show California as an island as well as the settlement of New Plymouth, which was founded in 1620.

The maps decorative elements include vignettes of the four elements Earth, Water, Fire, and Air, with symbolic human figures and northern and southern celestial hemispheres. There are also diagrams of eclipses and an Earth-centered universe. Flanking the hemispheres are the portraits of four influential circumnavigators Magellan, Drake, Cavendish, and van de Noort.

The physical item is not available at the Boston Public Library.

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