Map of the United States of America: including Canada and a large portion of Texas showing the base meridian and township lines of the U.S. surveys, the lands alloted to the Indian tribes west of the Mississippi ...

Author: Smith, John Calvin
Publisher: Sherman & Smith
Date: 1845
Location: Canada, North America, United States

Dimensions: 177.0 x 217.0 cm.
Scale: [ca. 1:1,584,000]


This large wall map focuses on the eastern half of mid-19th century United States. Meanwhile an inset delineates the political geography of North America, with the United States extending to the Pacific Northwest, but not yet including the Republic of Texas or the southwestern territories ceded by Mexico in 1848.

The map is decorated with American motifs. In the top center is a vignette of an eagle on a shield of stars and stripes, while the wide decorative border displays sixteen views including one of Boston. A variety of American wildlife (buffalo, deer, beaver, alligator, and turkey) are interwoven into this design.

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