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Map Project at the Snowden International School

August 11, 2014

This past April and May, 20 ninth-grade students from the Snowden International School, a Boston Public School in the Back Bay, worked with the Map Center as part of their AVID class (Advancement VIA Independent Determination).

Students initially learned how to navigate and create maps using Google Earth and were then given a task: using different sets of data, look at the services and amenities in your neighborhoods and think about what is already there and what could be better. Their ultimate task was to find the ideal location for a new fictional Tae Kwon do studio, music concert or community mural based on what they observed in their neighborhoods. Students then filled out a mock application to Mayor Walsh about establishing their business, concert or mural and how it would impact their neighborhood. Two examples of this work are included.

Rayza (East Boston)

What are the reasons you selected this location?

  1. It’s a park
  2. A lot of space to lay down and there’s shade in case it’s really sunny
  3. Convenient stores/bathrooms, etc.
  4. There’s a train station in the park so it is easy to go.

How will this concert be good for your neighborhood?

    The concert would be good for my neighborhood because people can get out and enjoy a day in the park while at a concert. And you might hear new bands you have never heard of.

Sevon (South End)

Why did you choose this location?

  1. It’s big so there’s lots of room to warm up
  2. It’s outside so we get fresh air
  3. The area didn’t cost much
  4. It’s in a friendly and safe neighborhood

How will your neighborhood benefit?

    Perhaps we can attract more people to our studio. Not many events take place in this neighborhood. Maybe we can liven it up so this place can become more popular.
Norman B. Leventhal Map Center (