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Powder horn

The powder horn features a map of Boston and Charlestown, Mass., noting Bunker Hill, Breed's Hill, Morton's Point, Mill Pond, Fox Hill, South Battery, Long Wharf and Hancocks wharf.

It includes an engraving of a British Man-o-war ship, an armorial shield for the 47th Foot, the abbreviation "G R" and floral decoration.

English Pilot. The Fourth Book

The English Pilot: The Fourth Book was the first British-produced collection of charts documenting the North American coast. John Seller first published the atlas series in 1671, which was issued in separate books, each detailing a specific geographic area. These charts of the Atlantic seaboard from Hudson’s Bay to the Amazon River, along with crudely executed coastal profiles, were the standard resources used by navigators for a century.

Our 1737 edition, which is bound together with The English Pilot, Part I, was recently conserved and charts of North America have been digitized.

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